Board of Directors

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Donna Yee – Chair
Don Brown– Vice Chair
Diane Brine – Vice Chair
Kristjana Kosheluk–  Regional Directors Chair
Shauna Marling – Executive Director


Shawn Cabak – Director of Partnerships/Communications
Allison Ward – Director of Events Management 
Sarah Isliefson – Director of Officials
Rosalyn Bauer– Coaching Representative
Brenda Sokoloski – Director of Skating Programs
Deanna Popadynetz – Membership Support

Board of Director Portfolios

Membership Support – Deanna Popadynetz
  • Nominations
  • Policy
  • Harassment
  • Membership

Events Management – Allison Ward

  • Competitions
  • Medals/Ribbons
  • Competition Fees
  • LOC Guidelines
  • Technical Packages

Officials – Sarah Isliefson

Marketing/Communications/Partnership – Shawn Cabak
  • Partnership development
  • Fundraising
  • Social Media
  • Internal/External Communications

Skating Programs – Brenda Sokoloski 

Manitoba Grassroots Bursary Lorne Edwards

Regional Directors and Alternates

RegionRegional DirectorRegional Director
Contact Information
Alternate DirectorAlternate Director Contact Information
CentralLise Le Moullec[email protected]Eva Peters[email protected]
EastmanKristjana Kosheluk[email protected]Connie Marquis[email protected]
InterlakeTammy Karatchuk[email protected]Richelle Triska[email protected]
WinnipegLena Remple[email protected]Krista Jensen[email protected]
NormanAngela Bakos Shier[email protected]TBA
North WestmanVicky Dryden[email protected]
Janice Heritage[email protected]
ParklandTammy Edwards[email protected]Kristen McGinnis[email protected]
South WestmanCarla Lee[email protected]
Leisa Halloran[email protected]