Team TOBA Elite

Team Mandate: The SCMB’s High performance skaters who have qualified for Challenge, Canadians, or International Events. Continued focus on technical, artistic and skating skills in relation to:

Skate Canada’s LTAD model. (Train to Compete Learn to Win & Live to Win)


Those skaters who moved on to represent Manitoba at Challenge or Canadians and who have achieved the following minimum

  • Novice Women – 27   Men – 27
  • Junior Women – 32    Men – 35
  • Senior Women – 37   Men – 40

Skaters must also have received credit and a -1 minimum GOE in the past year at a competition

  • Novice – Double Axel & 1 triple
  • Junior – Double Axel & 2 different triples
  • Senior – Double Axel& 3 different triples

Skaters must submit yearly plan by June 1st 

Must commit to 4-6 weeks’ summer training

Note: Skater will be signing a contract committing his/ her efforts to this program. If skater commitments are not made, there will be an exit clause from the team with no refund.


  • Same as High Performance plus may include additional funding opportunities
  • Monitoring – Submitted to Technical Director for feedback
  • May be eligible for Sport Manitoba athlete assistance
  • Yearly Plan Development/ Debriefing
  • Yearly Plan to be submitted by June 1st
  • Monitoring @ 1 competition; ability to send video submissions to Technical Director for feedback (4x per year)

Elite Team

Skater's First NameSkater's Last NameLevelHome ClubCoach
DeidreRussellSeniorSkate WinnipegMargo Russell
CaseyBertholetNoviceHartney Figure Skating ClubTammy McKay
JuliaPatenaudeNoviceHolland Figure Skating ClubTammy McKay
DanaeRussellNoviceSkate WinnipegMargo Russell