Coaching Representatives

Section Course Administrator

  • Cadfan Edwards
  • 204-925-5709
  • Email

Coach Representative

  • Carol Light
  • 204-570-0433
  • Email
  1. Section Coaches Rep is a 2 year term elected by the MB Coaching Community. This position sits on the Section Board and Chairs the Coaching Committee.
  2. Regional Coaches Rep is a 2 year term elected by the Coaches within the Region. This position sits on the SCMB Coaching Committee.

For more information please contact the SCMB Technical Director Cadfan Edwards.



RegionRepresentativePhone NumberEmail
CentralKaitlyn Loewen204-362-8846[email protected]
EastmanSybil Carello204- 266-2389[email protected]
InterlakeRosalyn Bauer204-471-8808[email protected]
NormanSherry Shepard204-620-5575[email protected]
North WestmanCindy Mahoney204-748-3054[email protected]
ParklandDonna Kemp-Drysdale204-572-4414[email protected]
South WestmanLaurie Bertholet204-522-6052[email protected]
WinnipegRoni Swischuk204-832-4826[email protected]