Frequently Asked Questions 


New CanSkate Coach Frequently Asked Questions

Primary STARSkate

  1. What is the Primary STARSkate Home Study, and what does it involve?
    The Primary STARSkate Home Study is the first step after the CanSkate course when Coaches would like to continue their training and become Primary STARSkate Certified.  Coaches receieve the PSS Home Study when they attend the CanSkate Coach Course, or can be ordered through the Section office.  If a coach needs a replacement Home Study, there will be a charge.  Please contact SCMB’s Section Coures Administrator to order a replacment Home Study.
  1. What are the pre-requisites to take the Primary STARSkate Technical Coach course?
    The pre-requisites for the Primary STARSkate Coaching Course are:
    a) Must be CanSkate Trained or Certified
    b) Completed either on complete Senior Bronze STARSkate test or one Junior Bronze free skate test AND one other complete Junior Bronze STARSkate test
    c) Successfull completion of the Primary STARSkate Home Study
    d) Must be a registered Skate Canada Coach
  1. How do I become Primary STARSkate Certified?
    In order to be considered Primary STARSkate Certified one must:
    a) Complete the Primary STARSkate technical course
    b) Be registered as a Coach with Skate Canada
    c) Complete 50 hours of practice coaching (minimum 40 hours on ice) after the Primary STARSkate technical course
    d) Submit three different 15 minute video lessons at the Primary (prelim or Jr) STARSkate Level:
    a. 15 minute stroking or skating skills lesson
    b. 2 additional 15 min lessons based on the following selections: jumps, spins, interpretive, dance, synchro and pairs
  1. Where do I send my videos for Primary STARSkate?
    You must contact Skate Canada for contact information of the National Video Evaluator.  Please provide Skate Canada with the section in which you are currently coaching when requesting the video evaluator information.  The request MUST be emailed to Coaching and Programs.
  1. I have completed all the requirements for Primary STARSkate certification, where do I send my information?
    Please send your information to SCMB’s Section Course Administrator.
  2. Can a Primary STARSkate Certified Coach teach Synchro?
    A Primary STARSkate coach may teach a Synchro team, however they may not be able to attend certain events with the team (please refer to the coach accreditation policy in the rule book).
  3. Who can Coach STARSkate?
    A coach who has successfully completed their Primary STARSkate technical course may coach STARSkate lessons.
  4. I was a Level 1 Certified Coach ten years ago and would like to start coaching again. What is my next step?
    The “old NCCP Level 1” has evolved into Primary STARSkate Certified.  As long as the full certification was achieved, the coach must only meet current registration requirements.  We would recommend that a coach who was out of the sport for a few years attend an update clinic or mentor with another coach.


  1. What does ISPC mean, and what is it?
    ISPC is the Intermediate STARSkate/Provincial Coach training.  This is considered the “old NCCP Level 2”.
  1. What is the first requirement for ISPC?
    A coach must have obtained the Primary STARSkate Trained status as a minimum prior to commencing the ISPC program.  A coach must successfully complete the ISPC Home Study prior to commencing the remaining courses.
  1. Can I take any course, after I complete my Home Study?
    No.  A coach must first complete the Sport Science and Stroking/Skating Skills course before attending the discipline specific courses.
  1. What do I need to complete the multi-sport modules for ISPC, and which ones?
    A coach at this level is no longer required to complete the introduction to competition multi-sport modules (part B) – effective September 13, 2010.
  1. When am I considered an ISPC trained coach?
    A coach achieves the trained status once all five technical courses and six technical workbooks of the program have been completed.
  1. Who do I send my workbooks to after I have completed them?
    The workbooks should be sent to the learning facilitator who trained you for a particular ISPC course.  The video for the practical component must also be submitted to the learning facilitator who trained you in the discipline you are certifying.
  1. How do I become ISPC certified?
    A coach must complete the practical requirements of their chosen discipline in order to become ISPC certified.
  1. I have completed my ISPC requirements for ISPC certified, where do I send my information?
    The coach would send the information to SCMB’s Section Course Administrator.

Level 3

  1.   Is there a deadline for Level 3?
    There is no deadline for a coach to achieve the NCCP Level 3 certification.  (A coach must be Level 3 certified if they have an athlete attending the Canadian Championships – check the accreditation policy).
  2. Where do I find information on the Competition Development modules?
    This information is available on the Provincial Sport websites.  In order to obtain the Level 3 certification, a coach must complete four of the six modules.