Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: I’m interested in becoming a coach, where can I find out more information?

A: Check out the Coach Guide on the Info Centre to find out more about the NCCP Pathways and their pre-requisites.  


Q: I’ve registered for the upcoming Club (CanSkate) Course, what can I do in preparation?

A: There are several things you can do to get prepared:

  • Go to The Locker and register to receive your NCCP #
  • Complete any required multi-sport modules that you might need to receive your future Trained status (you can find the required ones in the Coach Guide)
  • Log onto Skate Canada’s eLearning (through the membership site) and complete your Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders, Coaches Code of Ethics, or just peruse the site to see all of the resources available to you
  • Complete your required first aid training


Q: I have a question about my NCCP certification, who can I talk to?

A: Our Section Course Administrator is Cadfan Edwards and is responsible for all things NCCP.  You can reach him by email at skate.td@sportmanitoba.ca