CanSkate & COVID Phase 2

We are so excited to announce Phase 2 of our CanSkate & COVID club support! Phase 1 gave everyone the chance to attend the Town Hall and learn about CanSkate during COVID and how to get started with the season.

Phase 2 expands and offers clubs/coaches the chance to book a complimentary virtual meeting with a CanSkate Resource Team member to work on specific challenges that they are facing together.

We are able to accommodate a maximum of twenty (20) clubs between the end of September and the end of January. Requests will be on a first come, first serve basis and there will be only one per club.

To request a virtual support meeting please complete the form by clicking here. The form must be completed in full in order to be processed. If your form is not completed in its entirety it will be discarded and you will be notified to complete a new one.

Once confirmed you will be assigned a CanSkate Resource Team member and they will get in contact with you to arrange a meeting time and to find out additional information about your challenge(s).

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