Team TOBA Development

Team Mandate: The first stage of development for skaters striving to achieve the High-Performance Team and Skate Canada Qualifying Competitions. Focus is on technical, artistic, and skating skills in relation to: Skate Canada‚Äôs LTAD model (Learn to Compete)


Skaters who met the following in the given timeline (dates below)

  • All Juvenile Under 12
  • Juvenile Under 14 with a minimal Technical Score in the FreeSkate of 10
  • Any skater who competed in Pre-Novice or up at Manitoba Sectionals who is under the age of 12 as of July 1st 
  • Pre-Novice skaters with a minimal technical score in the Free Skate of 16 and under the age of 16 as of July 1st 

Novice Skaters with a minimal Technical Score in the FreeSkate of 19 and are under the age of 17 as of July 1st 


  • One day of Team TOBA Seminar (May 2017)
  • Access to Sports Psychology
  • Strength & Conditioning sessions 1x per week @ Brandon, Portage, or Winnipeg Centers
  • Monitoring; 1 competition feedback. (2x video submissions to Technical Director)

Skater required to submit yearly plan by June 1st  

Team TOBA Development 2017-2018 Athletes

Skater's First NameSkater's Last NameLevelHome ClubCoach Name
HaileyBirdJuvenileElkhorn Figure Skating ClubPatty Hole
Sara ChantJuvenileElkhorn Figure Skating ClubPatty Hole
PaigeDrydenJuvenile Skate VirdenPatty Hole
KeithLauJuvenileSkate WinnipegKevin Dawe
ShannaYaskowJuvenileSkate VirdenPatty Hole
CaliBoychukPre-NoviceSkate WinnipegMargo Russell
BrekenBrezdenPre-NoviceSkate DauphinPatty Hole
RanaeCabakPre-NovicePortage Skating ClubLynn Cabak
KatyaCisnerosPre-Novice Skate WinnipegMargo Russell
EmilyElderPre-NoviceSkate WinnipegMargo Russell
MarrinMcKeePre-NoviceStony Mountain Skating ClubDana McKee
VanessaNavarroPre-NoviceStony Mountain Skating ClubDana McKee
OliviaOrbanskiPre-Novice Arborg Skating ClubTracey Finnson
JonathanScherrPre-NoviceMorden Figure Skating ClubPam Parker
RobynWardPre-NoviceCentury Figure Skating ClubCarolyn Hysop
OliviaSawatzkyPre-NoviceMorden Figure Skating ClubPam Parker
ZoieForgueNoviceNeepawa Figure Skating ClubTammy McKay
CharlotteLittleNoviceBirtle Figure Skating ClubPatty Hole