Team TOBA Development

Development Team Mandate: The stage of development of skaters striving to achieve the High-Performance Team and Skate Canada Qualifying Competitions. Skate Canada’s LTD Model: Learn to Train – Train to Train 


Criteria: Skater must state intended level on application

Pre-Juvenile U11 – All

Pre- Juvenile U13 – Must Show report card with Base level accomplished in all required spins, and an clean 1A with minimum -1 GOE

Pre-Juvenile Pairs – All

Juvenile U12 – Minimum Technical Score of 10 – Show a report card with Base level accomplished in all required spins

Juvenile U14 – Minimum Technical Score of 12 – Show a report card with base level accomplished in all required spins

Juvenile Pairs – All

First Year Pre-Novice – Technical score of 12 in Juvenile program OR Technical score of 21 in the Pre-Novice Long (18 for Men)

Returning Pre-Novice – Technical Score of 21 in the Pre-Novice Long (18 for Men)

Pre-Novice Pairs – Technical Score of 10 in the Pre-Novice Long

**The Committee reserves the right of discretion to entry into the team outside the confines of these parameters. ALL SCORES MUST HAVE BEEN ACHIEVED AFTER JULY 1ST 2019

Team TOBA Development 2020-2021 Athletes

Madison BarnesPre-JuvenileSkate Winnipeg
Gracie BellPre-JuvenileSkate Winnipeg
Cali BoychukPre-NoviceSkate Winnipeg
Jacy ButlerJuvenileCarmen Skating Club
Emmet DewarPre-NoviceEast St. Paul Skating Club
Tanner GiesbrechtJuvenileCarmen Skating Club
Camryn HarderPre-JuvenileCarmen Skating Club
Talia HarderJuvenileCarmen Skating Club
Macy KasianPre-JuvenileSkate Winnipeg
Ainslee McGregorJuvenileWaskada Skating Club
Marrin McKeePre-NoviceSkate Winnipeg
Callie OgalPre-JuvenileSkate Winnipeg
Jade PilatPre-NoviceEast St. Paul Skating Club
Sydney PowerJuvenileSkate Thompson
Katerina SchillerPre-JuvenileSkate Winnipeg
Seoul TilokaniJuvenileMelita Skating Club
Ava WhiteJuvenileSkate Thompson