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Resource Teams

Did you know that Skate Canada Manitoba has Program Delivery Resource Teams? These teams and their members have been trained by Skate Canada on program delivery for CanSkate and/or STAR. Interested in learning more about what how our resource teams can assist you, then contact the office at

CanSkate Resource TeamSTAR Resource Team
Megan FosterDonna Kemp-Drysdale
Carol LightCarol Light
Dana McKeeTammy McKay
Meaghan Rafferty

Policy Development:

What is a policy and why do we need to think about them? A policy document specifies the rules, guidelines and regulations that your club requires your members to follow. A policy is not a document that is created to solve a problem or address a single issue. Decisions by the Board or by a committee can do that.

A policy should be created only when there is a systemic issue and a standard procedure that can help or contribute to the efficiency of the club. For example, the Board does not need to have a ‘Member Fee Policy’, members’ fees can be determined by a committee or by a Director and a standard procedure or formula does not always have to be used. But alternately, if you need to be consistently guided on handling specific matters such as privacy, payment of fees, or session drop ins for example, then creating a policy might be important for your club’s operations.

To check out examples of policies, see our Standing Rules document on our Governance page.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Administration & Registration:

It’s that time of the year where club members are taking on new roles within their club. And one very important role is that of the person in charge of registration! Within your club there are many people who will need to be registered with Skate Canada, not just skaters! Members of your board, on ice volunteers such as program assistants, and off ice volunteers such as officials all need to be current Skate Canada members. The Skate Canada membership season runs from September 1st to August 31st each year and members can join any time.

Did you know that new board members have thirty (30) days to be registered with Skate Canada? Now is the perfect time to add your new registration volunteer to the Skate Canada Membership Site and have them learn the ropes!

Current administrators can grant administrative access to new people by logging onto the Membership Site and clicking on Org Management then Organization Administrative Access. If your Club no longer has someone with access please contact

The Skate Canada Membership Site begins accepting registrations for the new season two (2) weeks prior to September 1st.

1.) You must register your Club or Skating School annually by clicking Org Management then Organization Membership.

2.) Then Clubs/Skating Schools can enroll registrants including skaters, officials, board members and on ice volunteers. To enroll registrations click Org Management then Enroll Registrants. **When enrolling someone who has come from another club/school, do not create a new registration for them. You will need to look them up in the system. It is a good idea to reach out and ask them for their Skate Canada Number, or reach out to the Club where they were previously registered to get their number. If you generate a new registration for a skater already in the system it can cause issues when registering for competitions or they may lose access to their skating records.

What if you can’t find someone in the system? Contact Skate Canada at or contact the Shauna Marling at and they will be able to assist you.

What happens when a skater or other Skate Canada Member transfers to your club/school from another club or school after they were already registered? Not a problem! All transfer requests can be made to the Member Services Department at Ensure the following information is included for each registrant; Full name, Skate Canada number, previous and new home club or skating school. It’s that easy!

To help get you started Skate Canada developed an eLearning module called the Administrator’s Registration Guide for Clubs and Skating Schools. This course is primarily intended Skate Canada club and skating school administrators. This course will cover all aspects of the registration process as it relates to your organization and Skate Canada.

Skate Canada Membership Site

Clubs and Skating Schools Operations Guide

Club and Skating School Minimum Operating Standards Policy

Club Constitutions:

What is a Constitution? What is the difference between bylaws and a constitution? Who should have it and where can I find it?

A constitution is a fundamental set of rules and most basic principles for which an organization or group (like a club) should operate. These laws establish things such as the reason for starting the group, as well as the group’s purposes, philosophy and other important features. A bylaw is a specific type of rules or laws whose application is limited to that group. They are most commonly created/written to organize, regulate and establish functions, rules, and powers for the organization. To read more about differences between constitutions and bylaws check out A great resource for how to make changes and/or revisions to bylaws read through the Government of Canada’s Not-for-profit corporations by-laws webpage which lays out it out step by step for you!

As a constitution is your set of rules for your club this document should be available to all of your members. It can be on your website, posted on your skating board, or other place in your club that is accessible to all members. Every member of your club executive and/or board should be provided a copy for their reference. We encourage you to review it often to ensure that it is current and to submit your most recent copy to the Skate Canada Manitoba office to keep on file.


Looking for a more efficient way to run your meetings? Check out Robert’s Rules of Order to learn more about hosting orderly meetings. Click to access the online version of Robert’s Rules of Order

What should a meeting agenda look like and what order should I put the items in?

What is a Motion and how do we use it during a meeting?