2023-2024 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Amber Lotz – Section Chair
Diane Brine -Past Section Chair
Kristjana Kosheluk – Director, Governance Chair
Amber LotzFinance & Risk Management Chair


Donna Yee – Director
Carol Light – Director
Asten McGill – Director
Jon Wang – Director
Michelle Janz- Director, Coaching Representative
Megan Maxwell- Director, Officials Representative
Vacant – Athlete Representative
Vacant – Director
Interested in joining the board for a 1 year appointment in a vacant position?  Please reach out to Amber Lotz, Chairperson, and provide current qualifications, interests and skills you feel are an asset to Skate Manitoba.

Board of Director Portfolios

Membership – Carol Light

Coaching – Michelle Janz

Marketing – Donna Yee

Governance – Kristjana Kosheluk

Events/Special Events – Kristjana Kosheluk & Megan Maxwell

Finance – Amber Lotz & Jon Wang

Nominations – Diane Brine

Officials – Megan Maxwell

Athlete Development – Asten McGill
  • Team TOBA – Technical Director, Tammy Mckay
  • Learn to Train/Active for Life – Amy Jackson
    • Adult
  • Train to Train – Pam Parker
    • Games


Skate Manitoba By-Laws 2023  Updated May 8, 2023

Standing Rules 2024 Updated May 1, 2024