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Skills Coach Assessor

Coaches who are interested in becoming a STAR 6-Gold Skills Coach Assessor are now able to Request their Promotion by following/completing the following steps:

1.) Complete & Pass the STAR 6- Gold Skills Assessor Training and Exam

2.) Submit the following to Amber Lotz at

• A copy of your certificate of completion of the 6-Gold Skills Exam

• A copy of your certificate of completion of the Star 1-5 Assessor Training

• Proof of your level of Coaching (the minimum requirement is NCCP Regional Coach in Training or Higher)

• Your Skate Canada Number

• The correct spelling of your name as you have it registered with SKATE CANADA

When submitting the above information to Amber Lotz, please indicate that you are requesting a promotion. The JET Committee will require a 48 hr period for confirmation of receipt of your email and promotions will be processed in the Skate Canada system on a weekly basis barring any technical difficulties. Skate Canada Manitoba will not be requiring coaches to complete a mentored assessment in order to request a promotion as Coach Assessor for 6-Gold Skills. It is however, highly encouraged to seek out a mentored assessment before requesting a promotion. To request a mentored assessment please submit the above information to Amber Lotz and indicate that you are requesting to arrange a mentored assessment.

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