Skate Manitoba Grants

Sport Manitoba has several different grants available for coaches to apply for.  Check out the Sport Manitoba Coaching Programs & Resources page (scroll halfway down) to see the full list of available grants.

Sport Manitoba Coach Assistance Grant has increased from $500 to $750 per year! 
Eligible activities now includes First Aid Training!


Did you know that Officials can also apply for this grant! 

Subject to Availability:

B.112   Coaching High Performance Grant

Skate Canada Manitoba will provide a grant(s) up to $500 each to a registered Skate Canada coach(s) to further their knowledge. The Coach(s) must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be registered and in good standing with Skate Canada – Manitoba
  • Must have had an athlete compete at Junior Nationals or Canadian Championships in the past year or an athlete compete internationally within the past year.
  • Must apply for the Grant prior to attending seminar/workshop

A coach can only receive this grant once in the Skating year.

Subject to Availability:

B.111   Travel Assistance – Coach Training Grant   

In a situation when a coach must go out of Province to receive certification in a discipline we are unable to provide in Manitoba, Skate Canada Manitoba may provide a grant to a maximum of $250.00 to the coach under the following criteria:

  • At the request of Skate Canada Manitoba, the coach receiving the grant will be required to provide an education opportunity to skaters, coaches and officials.
  • The coach must apply for the grant in writing within sixty (60) days of the start of the course
  • Within thirty (30) days of the end of the course, the coach must provide proof of completion to Skate Canada Manitoba.
  • Must have completed the Respect in Sport Course.

Opportunities and ideas not listed above should be brought to SCMB for potential support.  Funding Proposals should be submitted to the Coaching Committee for review.  Contact the Section Coaches Rep with your proposal.

Sport Manitoba Grants