Non Section Run Competitions

For Clubs and Skating Schools seeking to offer a competition opportunity in Manitoba that is not a Section Competition (ie wishing to run a ‘FunSkate’) please see the below information:

1.) For the 2022-23 competition season, no competitions will be sanctioned if they fall within 11 days of the start or conclusion, of a Section event. For the 2023-24 competition season, NO competitions will be sanctioned if they fall within 3 weeks of the start, or end, of a Section run event.

2.) Non section run competitions MUST have their registration deadline a minimum of three (3) weeks before the start of the competition to ensure adequate time for the officials and volunteers involved to process and prepare.

3.) Competition announcements for non Section run events must be submitted to for distribution to the Events Management Committee no later than ten (10) weeks before the start of the competition. Please note that the EMC will review your announcement and may require revisions to be resubmitted to the committee prior to permission being granted to run your competition. Please submit your announcement with additional time allocated for this process.

4.) Competitions must complete a Sanction request BEFORE the approval of their event by EMC. Payment for the Sanction MUST be received BEFORE the competition announcement will be approved. Please click here to apply for a sanction and to remit payment:

Effective 2021-22, all competitions held in Manitoba are required to collect an Officials Development Fee. NEW As of October 30, 2022 a fee of $3.00 per participant, per event must be collected and is to be remitted to Skate Manitoba within 30 days. For more information please see our Memo Re: Officials Development Fee located under Event Hosting

Please note that no competition or event sanction will be approved if there any accounts in arrears with the Section.