Event Hosting

Competition Guidelines

Regional LOC Guideline STAR 1 to Gold 2021 – NEW

Section Competitions 2021 LOC Guidelines – NEW

Synchronized Skating 2021 LOC Guidelines – NEW

Synchro Learn to Train Assess to Standard Event Management Guide (Skate Canada)

CanSkate Element Event Guide (Skate Canada)

Local Organizing Toolkit 

The LOC Toolkit is a collection of templates, samples and tip sheets to assist the Local Organizing Committees during the planning process.  For easy reference, the Toolkit symbol is found throughout the LOC Guidelines followed by the referenced documents name. Documents are all listed below. 

Competition Submission Form

Working papers for gathering information to complete online competition submission

Before you Host a Competition

These three documents need to be submitted to SCMB approximately 5 months before event start date. Once submitted our Events Management Committee will review for approval.  Please note paper copies of announcement forms will not be accepted.

  1. Competition Announcement Online Form – Sectional Competitions (Section Competition Announcement Working Papers – use to assist you in gathering information prior to completing online form)
  2. Competition Announcement Online Form – Regional Competitions (Regional Competition Announcement Working Papers– use to assist you in gathering information prior to completing online form)
  3. Budget Template 2020
  4. Online Sanction Application
  • STAR 1-4 events: 5-10 Officials required (8 rooms)
  • STAR 5+ events: 15-20 Officials required (15 rooms)
  • Synchro Events: 15-20 Officials required (15 rooms)

After the Competition

Submit the following documents within 3 weeks after competition:

  1. Post Event Report – no later than four weeks after your event
  2. Budget Template 2021 with Actuals
  3. FIVE Programs from your event
  4. Return any unused medals/ribbons not damaged
  5. Coach Accreditation Charts

FunSkates Events

Clubs who are interested in hosting a FunSkate must submit:

  1. Competition Announcement package (Must be approved by the Events Management Committee Prior to registration) 
  2. Online Sanction Form with Payment

Competition Information




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Supplies offered by SCMB

Medals & Ribbons


Treaty Acknowledgement
Expense form